Thursday, August 13, 2009

ObamaNation---National Health Care

I belive myself to be a patriotic citizen of the United States of America. I find myself for the first time ready to voice my Rights and Priviledges of that Citizenship over President Obama's National Health Care Plan. We are being told the American population is not "that" upset by the proposed Health Care Plan. We are being told by the nationalized media that the Republican Party has stirred the American people into this turmoil. We have seen US Senators call the police on elderly American citizens for gathering in a public, official place to voice their concern and discontent with President Obama's National Health Care Plan. We have seen Senators and Representatives refuse to attend Town Hall meetings for fear of violence.
As I understand insinuated by the Democratic party, I find it incredulous to believe the Republican Party can exert enough influence over the Citizens of this great country to create this stir over National Health, when both parties combined are unable to to get citizens out to vote for President of the United States. The "buzz" that Republicans have this type of power, is ludicrious and plays the American people as fools, to which I say we are not. I recently viewed a television interview of a former British member of Parliament where he found it impossible to believe that a free people such as the US citizens would allow Nationalized Health Care in the USA. The interviewee went on to say that the British national health care system is a disaster and has nearly driven Britain to bankruptcy. (details are available)

I have never felt so passionate about an issue as this on such a personal level. I open the forum to all posts however request and will insist on no vulgar languange, no direct opposition to another point of view posted on this site. I am certain there will be varying opinions, however all opinion, facts/statistics are welcomed. My basic understanding of the United States of American is: Majority rules! So for Heavens Sake--make your opinion known! Your opinion(s) can make a difference!